RX7 Confetti T-Shirt

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After countless hours perfecting the design, we are proud to introduce our Shop build inspired Tee.

The Confetti Tee is inspired off of our dream seat, the Recaro Confetti's. You can see that the Confetti pattern carries through the design of the shirt. You'll see it on the actual passenger chair through the window, the inner portion of the "Impeccable" logo and the horizontal lines running through the design. Lastly the brake calipers are the same red from the confetti color palate. We designed, printed, cut and heat pressed this all in house.

Going back and forth with a few different versions, we finally landed with this widebody design on the back of the shirt and our Logo & RX7 on the front. It's inspired off of the Pandem kit we look forward to installing onto our shop car.

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